Mummy, is chocolate really unhealthy?

Last week my middle son Matthew has been looking at different foods at school. He was finding out whether those foods have good or bad effect on our bodies.

For the homework we were thinking about which foods are healthy and which unhealthy, then we draw some of these foods. My Matthew was quite bored so I decided to add something interesting to his homework and that’s why we played a healthy and unhealthy game. You can find this game here.

It was very hard for Matthew to agree with the statement that chocolate is unhealthy food. I asked him, why he thinks that chocolate is healthy and he said: “Mummy, chocolate must be healthy food because it does SO good to my body!” :) Continue reading

Chocolate cake with Baileys for Autumn days…

Autumn is here. It rains, is windy and all I want, is to go under the blanket, read a good book and have a slice of a lovely chocolate cake. And Baileys is also welcome!

Look, this is how I treat myself during Autumn days. Would like to have one??? :) After all, no matter how tired we are, how many problems we have, we deserve to have few minutes for ourselves :)

Chocolate cake with Baileys Continue reading

Talking 2’s sessions – introduction

My youngest son Michael is two years and eight months old. He’s still can’t speak any words in English nor other language.

talking 2's

He speaks a lot and very often but unfortunately we can’t understand him as he speaks gibberish. He speaks in sentences and his speech has melody. Very often, he looks like he’s doing some kind of performance for us, which of course is a lovely thing to do, but we would love to hear him speaking proper English. 

The only words Michael is saying right now are: bye, bye, hello, mum, here, but we don’t hear it very often. Most of the time Michael is only pointing to the things, screaming or showing us what he wants.

I have raised my concerns about his speaking problems to my health visitor. She told me about sessions which could help two years old child start speaking or communicate.

Luckily we got the place to the talking 2‘s sessions and right now Michael is going there every week. There are four other kids with speaking difficulties in his group. Continue reading

Hello there!

Hi, welcome to my new blog about quite common question: how to teach kids.

I was thinking what to write to attract your attention and then I decided that the best way is to explain why I’m doing this.

I have three lovely sons: one is eight years old, the second is five years old and the youngest is to nearly three years old. From the very beginning I endeavoured learning difficulties with our oldest son: he started to speak English very late. He was nearly 2.5 years old when he said first words.

But, as we’ve found out later, this was the beginning because my son can’t remember things, has problems with concentration, can’t learn things by heart and is forgetting about many things. We don’t know what is the reason that he is so absent-minded, but we try to help him and have some results. Continue reading