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Talking 2’s sessions – introduction

My youngest son Michael is two years and eight months old. He’s still can’t speak any words in English nor other language.

talking 2's

He speaks a lot and very often but unfortunately we can’t understand him as he speaks gibberish. He speaks in sentences and his speech has melody. Very often, he looks like he’s doing some kind of performance for us, which of course is a lovely thing to do, but we would love to hear him speaking proper English. 

The only words Michael is saying right now are: bye, bye, hello, mum, here, but we don’t hear it very often. Most of the time Michael is only pointing to the things, screaming or showing us what he wants.

I have raised my concerns about his speaking problems to my health visitor. She told me about sessions which could help two years old child start speaking or communicate.

Luckily we got the place to the talking 2‘s sessions and right now Michael is going there every week. There are four other kids with speaking difficulties in his group. Continue reading