Hello there!

Hi, welcome to my new blog about quite common question: how to teach kids.

I was thinking what to write to attract your attention and then I decided that the best way is to explain why I’m doing this.

I have three lovely sons: one is eight years old, the second is five years old and the youngest is to nearly three years old. From the very beginning I endeavoured learning difficulties with our oldest son: he started to speak English very late. He was nearly 2.5 years old when he said first words.

But, as we’ve found out later, this was the beginning because my son can’t remember things, has problems with concentration, can’t learn things by heart and is forgetting about many things. We don’t know what is the reason that he is so absent-minded, but we try to help him and have some results.

Our middle son is very bright. He learns quickly and surprises us very often. His homework is usually done in no time and he loves reading books.

Our youngest son has some difficulties as well, he doesn’t speak, he can’t understand us and he doesn’t follow our instructions. Our son was recently diagnosed with autism and that is why I wanted to help him to get out of this, to help him start speaking, learning. Simply doing things what every other kid can do and this is my aim.

I hope this blog will help me to find out more about my sons condition and maybe I could find the way how to help them in doing every day tasks which are very important: for example speaking, learning, writing and playing with other kids. I would like to share my experience how to teach very bright kid as well.

If you would like to follow my journey which is very new for me and full of excitement, I welcome you.

Please, join me, share your comments, give me your tips, anything which could help my sons to improve their skills.

*Please, do not be discouraged by my English, which is my second language. Any constructive comments and corrections are welcomed :)

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